There is life after the course…

Okay, you’ve finally ticked “do a scuba diving course” off your bucket list and now what?

By doing your first dive course you have graduated into a whole new world. A world where life is viewed in 360 degrees, where phones don’t ring and where we speak with our hands! The best part about it is that you will meet other divers with which to share this new found passion for weightlessness and water, for sea life and shipwrecks.


We charge no club fees and treat all our divers like club members. Everyone is always welcome to every club event and dive trip with the lowest possible gear rental rates on offer to ALL who have done a dive course with us, no matter how recent or long ago.

Club functions range from an evening at the Gordon’s Bay yacht club enjoying dinner, drinks and guest speakers to fundraisers like a 24hr dive marathon and even camping out at the sea for a weekend. We have been known to night dive in full Halloween regalia, treasure hunt for underwater prizes in the Palmiet River and clean up a beach or a harbour on International Coastal Cleanup Day. Get an impression here.

We would love to get to know you so stick around and enjoy all that diving has to offer both underwater and on dry land.

Yours in diving

The A-Team