Scuba Rangers is an exciting underwater activity-filled introduction to the world of diving. It gives children a chance to swim around underwater and experience adventure, discovery and thrills. Children will be taught the knowledge and skills required to be a safe diver, while encouraging them to have as much fun as possible!

This programme was designed specifically to welcome children into the scuba community and to keep them a part of it for the rest of their lives.


The Scuba Rangers programme is divided into 5 sessions:

Session 1: Learn how to snorkel with a mask, a snorkel and fins. How to help other children is also emphasized. And most importantly, so is having fun!

Session 2: Rangers then go into the pool with equipment for the first time.

Session 3: Rangers learn new diving exercises in the pool

Session 4: Children play games underwater while wearing diving equipment to increase their comfort and practice the diving techniques they’ve learned so far.

Session 5: Your proud children are able to “teach” diving to parents, siblings, and friends by doing demonstrations of the skills they’ve learned.


  • Participants must be at least 10 years old
  • Parents to complete and sign the medical statement,  statement of understanding and liability waiver & release before the child participates in any in-water training.
  • Provide own mask, snorkel and fins

Aim of the Scuba Rangers Programme:

  • Make kids comfortable and confident at diving in a pool
  • Keep youngsters diving, learning and having fun until they are ready to enroll in the Junior Open Water course.
  • To develop fundamental scuba skills and knowledge while preparing kids for further adventure.
  • For kids to develop a long-term affinity with the sport of scuba diving by the time they are 12 years old and to continue to pursue it in their later years.

Underwater Skills:

  • The best part of the Rangers programme is that it reinforces safe diving skills while the kids are having fun.
  • It is a fun pool-only experience.