Dive Control Specialist

The Dive Control Specialist (DCS) is a combination Dive Guide, Divemaster and Assistant Instructor. This course provides the skills, concepts and teaching experience required to become and effective SSI assistant instructor.

Many Dive Centres have an instructional team, either formally or informally. Within the team, Instructors are responsible for teaching students the skills necessary to function as independent divers, while the Dive Control Specialist is responsible for supporting the instructor’s efforts.
Because of the variety of ways that you can help, this will be a demanding role!

Aim of the course:

  • Get to know the SSI teaching system and philosophy
  • Learn to assist with open water diver programmes and how to independently teach a variety of SSI training programmes.
  • Prepare for, enrol and succeed in an SSI Instructor Training Course.


  • The recommended hours for this course is 50
  • The DCS program consists of classroom, pool and open water work.
  • You will attend lectures, watch videos, read manuals, and answer review questions.
  • You will be evaluated on snorkel, scuba and rescue skills in both the pool and open water.
  • You will observe an SSI Instructor conduct classroom, pool and open water sessions and other specialty programs
  • You will research, prepare and present minimum 2 classroom presentations
  • You will conduct minimum 2 open water training dives, including briefings & debriefings
  • Conduct 1 Snorkel Diver class
  • Conduct a Scuba Review programme
  • Act as Assistant Instructor for 1 Open Water course

Prerequisites for attending the course:

  • Starting age is 18
  • Must hold the Divemaster rating or an equivalent rating from a recognised agency.
  • Maintain proof of at least 60 logged open water dives totaling 40 hours or more.
  • Certification in CPR and First Aid training within the last 24 months.
  • Medical statement signed by a physician within one year
  • Provide, and be responsible for, own dive gear.


When you graduate from the Dive Control Specialist program, you will be qualified and comfortable to:

  • work on dive boats
  • work in resorts and in retail stores
  • take people diving and lead dive trips
  • assist SSI Instructors in the classroom, pool and open water
  • teach skills in the pool under the indirect supervision of an SSI Instructor
  • teach the SSI Snorkelling, Scuba Skills Update and Try Scuba

Cost: R8450*

*Excludes annual dive professional fees and online renewal process

If you’re interested in this course, please contact us and request a quotation.